The West-Zselic hunting area is located in 9,000 hectares as a neighbour of East-Zselic district. The area is covered with forest in 70 % and the natural facilities are very similar to one of the eastern side. The main part of the living space is a continuous forest in 6,000 hectares. There’s a unique mixture of trees there, including oak, beech and silver linden trees. It has a huge cropland for game, around 280 hectares, and the hilly surroundings give the atmosphere of the highlands. In addition to the big red deer stags (14.85 kg in 1989) exciting group hunting events and upon request horse-dragged carriage hunting are also available for the visitors. Other requests can be satisfied in the wild boar enclosure, providing excellent quality as well as by possibilities to shoot moufflons and fallow deer.




In the heart of the area there is a 3-star hotel, eco-tourism and conference centre called Hotel Kardosfa***, with capacity of 48 persons. It provides relaxation in a real forest environment.