The hunting area of Szántód with more than 18,000 hectares is in the southern shore of the Lake Balaton. It provides a great habitat for all kind of game species with its forests (48 %), agricultural lands (50 %) and croplands for game (around 160 hectares).

The view of the Lake Balaton among the hills covered with Turkey Oaks is a determinative picture in this area. It has more and more importance in the game management of the SEFAG Zrt. due to the big and old red deer stags (14.72 kg in 1993) and to the continuously improving quality of the fallow stags as well as to the mouflon rams. In addition to the stalking hunting there are more enclosures as well for the hunters.




There are two hunting lodges in this hunting ground. Karád hunting lodge is in West and provides accommodation for 8 guests, while the Small house is also suitable for 8 visitors. Alirét hunting lodge is just a few km far from the Lake Balaton and has 5 double rooms and provides services of first class.