The hunting area of Segesd is extended in 6,200 hectares and famous of enormous red deer stags and capital fallow stags. These shady oak forests have a lot of glades and croplands for game. With their marshy places and small water flows, the forests achieve much attention due to the outstanding trophies obtained from year to year.

The quality of this hunting area can be characterised by the trophy of a red deer stag from September 2007. This trophy was 14.12 kg. The strongest fallow stag was shot in 2002 with trophy of 5.22 kg (211.37 C.I.C. points), while in 2011 the biggest trophy was 5.75 kg (194.22 C.I.C. points). The stalking hunting of wild boars is promising good results but in addition to it, there are two enclosures as well: one for wild boars and one for fallow deer and mouflon. Accommodation is available in Csöprönd hunting lodge by the main road No 61. It has recently been renewed and now provides comfortable accommodation for 10 guests.