There is the biggest contiguous hunting area in Hungary called Lábod, with its 48,200 hectare. The Southern-Somogy area, which is sweeping toward the river Dráva, has a world famous red deer and a uniquely big fallow deer stock. This plain area, slashed densely with streams, fishing ponds, agricultural lands and forests worthily called legendary. The quality and quantity of the game stock living here is unique and in 1994 it was rewarded with Edmon Blanc-Prize by the International for the Game and Wildlife Conversation (C.I.C.).




The red deer, representing outstanding genetic values from hunting aspects, has been a determinative factor and world famous emblem of this area for many decades. The stags is of high quality. In 2001 a stag, having 16.83 kg trophy, being 9th in the world ranking list and being judged with 265.67 C.I.C. point, was bagged here. One of the biggest fallow deer stocks in Hungary lives here in Lábod area. In addition of stand and stalking hunt, we provide wide scale of opportunities from horse-drawn carriage to driven hunts. Regarding the size of stock, 2000 hectare cropland for game is managed here.



In this huge ground there are three hunting lodges that can make the time spent here unforgettable. The Alexandra Hunting Lodge was opened in 2009 and is suitable to give accommodation to 22 persons. It is located in beautiful surroundings and provides a very high level of service. The Nagysallér hunting lodge is very close to Lábod village, has a respectable past. It provides accommodation for 20 persons with very elegant surroundings. The third one is the Petesmalom hunting lodge, standing in the shore of fishing ponds and gives accommodation to 5 persons. The surrounding is modest but the atmosphere is intimate.