You may inquire about our package offers different from our pricelist from our SEFAG Hunt Organiser Office or you mayread about it on the website.

Only those foreign citizens are entitled to hunt in Hungary who is at least18 years of age, and have a hunting weapon license that is valid in his or herown country, as well as an EU passport for hunting weapon, a validhunter's liability insurance, a valid Hunting permit and a hunting contractfor Hungary.
In case of bagging a trophy game (with exeption of wild boar) the guesthunter has to accept a difference of +- 15 precent (%) in comparison tothe trophy size specified in the hunting contract.
After the hunting all and every game killed and received services will betaken up in a shooting list. Before signing the shooting list, please checkthe correctness of the given data.

Therefore, please give notice of any eventual comments and claims at theshooting list.

Our price list is based on EUR currency and also the payment should besettled also in EUR, but we accept every convertible currently, too.
Theinvoice can be settled at site or with cheque or by bank transfer.

Our price list includes Value Added Tax (VAT), but in case of a trophyexport into countries, wich are not EU members the rate of tax is zeroprecent (0%).

The right of price modification is reserved.


Here find you our General Terms and Conditions.